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Chances are full of discovery
Opportunities still remain
It is like a river that flows to the ocean
And a stream that never ends

A dark sky full of bright stars
The brightest one full of strength
Although one may fall every once in awhile
Many million still remain

Accomplishments that keep our hopes up
And the goal that still remains
The memories that we think about
The precious moments that we frame

Dreams that are full of suprises
A with that may never come true
The hardest thing about this all
Is that it is all up to you


If Wishes Came True

If wishes came true
I'd be in your warm embrace
Holding you gently
Kissing your face

The more I see you
The deeper my feelings grow
Oh, how I wish you were mine
For my love would be all you know

You say we're just friends
And that hurts me so much
Because of the things we do
My heart you have touched

Many tears I've cried
Much pain has grew
Oh, how I wish you were mine
If wishes came true


Where The Road May Lead Us

We live with laughter, we live with tears
We hide from the world our innermost fears
Where the road may lead us, who can really say
We follow the rainbow come what may
We rented this life by the months or the year
We take our place in the sun, as long as we are here
We hear the birds sing, see the raindrops fall
Enjoy life's beauty, cherish love above all
Where the road may lead us, who can really say
We live our life to the fullest each day
Our dreams may turn to ashes, our hopes to dust
In the end, we will see that we learned life's lessons well
Where the road may lead us, only time will tell


A Reflection

What direction does a person's life go
When it cannot flow?
Like a river down a mountain side,
A lost soul, without a guide.
When what we want is a guiding light,
The heavens only provide the night.
When a person can sit and think
Sit back relax and sip a drink.
Who we are and where we are going,
Is hard to do without knowing.
Our problems do not mean a thing,
Because they are recurrent, like Spring.
When everything begins to grow,
We should try to take it slow.
We are strong enough to go on,
Throughout the night until the break of dawn.
Only then will we discover
That we are all like eatchother.
In our problems never go away,
We just pass them over every day.



I gaze upon the dreary sky,
and back to myself without a sigh.
I know there is hope in some special place,
like the pure joy you see in a child's face.

Many emotions I can't explain,
my confusion comes down like pouring rain.
Never a doubt to carry on,
was always taught to keep my head on strong.

There's a special star shining down on me,
one that I have not yet been able to see.
Often I feel it near,
knowing it's there to cover my fear.

From across the valleys of yesterday,
no one can explain why I feel this way.
When the power is mine,
I will finally see that one star shine.


Never Being There

Thank you for never being there.
I should have known you wouldn't care.

Thank you for always letting me down.
My smile was replaced with a frown.

Thank you for never giving me credit.
I know one day you will regret it.

Thank you for always pushing me away.
You won't miss me why should I stay?

Thank you for gradually killing me slow,
One last thank you for nothing before I go.



NJ, Jersey, Jerzee

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